Spent the night trying to figure out how to round a number in 1th with @strstr. We figured it out after a couple of hours.

clr 256 512 / dup dup 1 mod sub swp dup vid swp pop swp vid mod 2 mul swp div dup 1 mod sub add .

@akkartik @strstr I watched a little video but there was just a few primitives and it didn't seem to do much just yet. I figured it's very much a wip, do you have a link that is not a video?

@neauoire Definitely just a prototype.

I tried to show the instructions for running it at the start of the video, but yeah not super clear. Here they are (requiring Linux..):

$ git clone github.com/akkartik/mu
$ cd mu
$ ./translate_mu apps/tile/*.mu
$ ./a.elf screen


@akkartik @strstr How big is the repo? I'm at 40mb and it's still climbing, my internet connection is very bad.

@akkartik @strstr where are the primitives defined if I wanted to add more for fun?

@akkartik @strstr that's alright, I know how it can be haha, this is cool. I'll poke around :>

@neauoire I see you ran into a known bug there with the negative number :) I'm still unsure what the best way is to represent and manage errors.

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