@neauoire When was the last time you doubted your commitment to the Arts & Sciences?

@neauoire A rare thing, to lack doubt about your path. That is one thing you cannot turn into a tutorial

Also good morning! ☕

@dualhammers I'm not sure it's something that you choose, it's more like a trait. I doubt that I could turn around someday and figure that religion and money are now the tools I will use to explore life.

@neauoire I agree with you. I think that may be, partially, why this period and culture causes such consternation for some people.

We're taught the idea of having absolute control of the self -- that we can shape ourselves into a form that thrives in the world that is. But, it seems clear to me some qualities that lead to thriving or struggling are traits we cannot change, only accept or struggle against fruitlessly

@dualhammers @neauoire related, I stumbled upon this piece, "L'Académie des Sciences et des Beaux-Arts," by Sébastien Leclerc.

It feels like a 17th century version of Merveilles. :merveilles:



@chotrin @dualhammers I can see @l3kn drawing recursive patterns on the right, @ice speaking toki pona up on front, @eel blowing in a big tube on the bottom left, @jameschip making tea with a big kettle, @faun is surrounded by a little crowd and talking about CO2 capture, @cancel is like "No, that's not how you're supposed to use the abbaccus."

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@ice @neauoire @chotrin @dualhammers @eel @jameschip @faun @cancel I can see some masts behind the colonnade, maybe it's docked there.

I'd love to walk a few steps to have some telo kasi seli (tea) but not being bound to a physical space has it's benefits, too.

@neauoire @chotrin @dualhammers @l3kn @ice @eel @jameschip @cancel Forests of columns where toged figures explore the realms of ideals together <3 -.- my home

(but that place feels a bit far from here.. for here people do not seem to want to talk about grey zone ideas like direct air capture or solar radiation management)

@faun @neauoire @chotrin @l3kn @ice @eel @jameschip @cancel You're in the picture surrounded by a crowd. Just means you still have to invite the crowd

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