@neauoire That's some nice looking soy juice you've got there.

@neauoire it looks like you're doing all of this in the galley of an 18th century pirate ship and I'm obsessed with it

@neauoire first time making it? How does it taste compared to the packaged one you can buy at the supermarket? (Which I find kind of sweet, even the unsweetened version).

@melyanna it tastes a lot better, the taste is more subtle, and it tastes a bit more green.

@neauoire I saw the other photo and it looks amazing too. :)

@neauoire discovered you a bit ago, you're making some cool stuff :blobcat:

Are you living full-time on a boat?

@Arteneko yup :) you can learn more about the boat and related things here: 100r.co

@neauoire That's pretty cool, that's kind of the dream I had at some point; diving into how you realized it may change my future and get me back into sailing!

@Arteneko well, if you have any question about living aboard or long-distance sailing, I'd happy to try and answer them.

Cool, TIL ; Yamaha is building well known motorcycles, and little less knom music instruments, and HiFi equipment, but even sailing boats 👍😯

@neauoire Is it good as coffee whitener? Thinking about switching to vegan, but can't drink black coffee.

@neauoire Sarah and I are headed down to the boat this morning (public holiday here) to measure the running rigging for replacement (it's old and I don't trust it).

the boat has a fridge, but we've been discussing how living without refrigeration might look when we move aboard. it's a waste of space and energy imo.

@neauoire how's the taste/consistency of homemade vs storebought?

@neauoire sait whaaat ! Looks awesome ! How much time did you spend "grinding" those ? Also, do you plan to try other stuff to make milk ? (Coconut, almonds...)

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