I'm looking for a livecoder who would be part of an under-represented demographic, for a well paying orca gig. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate? Hit me up :)


@specter it's a big grid where you type letters in to, each one of the 26 letters has some specific kind of thing it does (like reading a number from the left, writing another one below it) and is geared towards music (or whatever you can hook in to MIDI or OSC.)


@icedquinn I'm looking for a performer that can do a 30ish minute set of music :)

@pxltr I'm not the organizer, and it would be 8-10 of december.

@salamander Are they on the fedi? Do you have a link to an orca set they've made so I can pass it along to the organizers?

@neauoire ah I think I misunderstood your original post - I thought it was a general livecoding gig and you were going to perform with orca and were looking for other folks to help round it out. Oops! They have their own livecoding software. I’m not sure she has experience using orca.

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