@neauoire @Wiley really nice piece.

"I would suggest that for every localized instance of ‘techno-utopia’, a desert of extraction is created."

@whtrbt @neauoire @Wiley I really love this sentence "Merveilles seems aligned with the ideals of Solarpunk while internally expecting the world of Cyberpunk, it is neither a utopian or dystopian vision, but a way of straddling both contingencies."

@neauoire @Wiley the desert of extraction... you have beautifully named something terrible that is present in a lot of my thoughts and driving a lot of my decisions about my life and ethics.

@neauoire @Wiley

But what do the symbols mean?!

Tell me about the aliens!!

@neauoire @Wiley This talk at the bottom of that page is quite cool: youtube.com/watch?v=cw7tPDrFIQ

Hydra, a tool for collaborative live-coding of visual effects: github.com/ojack/hydra

Some things to try out: hydra-book.naotohieda.com

@akkartik @neauoire @Wiley Naoto's great! Also, Hi Wiley! (this is the same Lee btw)

@neauoire @Wiley please interpret my fave and boost as appreciation of the quality of this post rather than as passive acknowledgement that i have skimmed it.

I forgot to reply to this.

Thanks, @Wiley, for a very clear mini-essay I can give to people when they ask me what is Merveilles.

I really enjoyed reading it!

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