@neauoire I'm compelled to draw other lines across vertically, that when black signals collide, they react based on the color of the string they're traveling down. They either null each other out in silence, or bounce off and travel in other directions, or break both connection strings so as things go out of phase, the song organism decays until no connections remain

@neauoire are the little black "cable"-worms a variant of wireworld?

@neauoire wireworld is a cellular automaton ruleset that makes it possible to build circuitry, was reminded of it :D


@neauoire It's fairly simple, There's only 4 states: empty, electron tail, electron head and conductor. If a conductor is next to one or two electron heads, it becomes an electron head, an electron head becomes a tail and a tail a conductor again(each tick). You can build all gates and some proper computers, it's turing complete of course

@neauoire now that I think about it, ORCA basically is a cellular automaton with inputs and outputs. I really should get around to read "A new Kind of Science"

@neauoire very important: A conductor cell that is next to 3 electron heads will stay a conductor

@neauoire :exploding-head: how do you manage timing and temporal precision? Once I've tried to build something similar and I hit that wall and couldn't move forward to something rythmically useful

@f3r the length of the line don't impact timing, I couldn't make that sync, so it's using the 8 input ports to the left to sync, 4 of them are a tracker, the other 4 a sequencer.

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