@nx did you end up watching Miyazaki's Conan?

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@neauoire not yet, its the next thing on my watch list. Wanted to start it today but got distracted by a 3D model I'm working on. I read a remastered version was released but can't seem to find it anywhere so I'll probably watch the original. Why?

@nx we just watched it off youtube. We just started watching it again and I was reminded how genius it was, and I remember I suggested it to you so I was wondering if you have any thoughts on it.

@neauoire ah, I'll start it tonight since I got a decent amount of progress done on the model. Do you recommend the sub or dub? (I'm a sucker for dubs but will watch subs when reccomended)

@neauoire spasibo :) will start it after I finish these snacks

@neauoire I watched it following your recommendation, loved it!
I had been looking for something like this after Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

@abstractxan I can't really think of other things like these 2. Have you read Nausicaa?

@neauoire I watched 'Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind' movie. Is there a book named 'Nausicaa'?

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