you have any attention! wow! really need to go look through & try to understand what's happening here. I'm sold. amazing.

@jauntywunderkind420 let me know if you do :) I'd love to help if you have any issue.

@neauoire you have very inspiring ideas ! A little question : is it plan9 on this screecast ?

@maxime_andre No it's on Linux. But I could make a 9front version of it I think if somone needs one.

@neauoire what editor/environment do you use to code on linux ? I am currently watching one of your conferences on vimeo and I was wondering if there was a video where we can see you coding

@maxime_andre I don't think I ever done a livestream while working or anything like that.. I could try to make one once we find a reliable internet connection!

I use micro to write all the code.

@neauoire à ce point là ?? (je réponds en francais car je ne sais pas comment le dire en anglais ^^)

@neauoire c'est vrai... je l'ai essayé vite fait, j'ai tout de suite trouvé comment quitter 😂😂😂

@neauoire I ask that because I used to be a vim fanboy, and now I use Visual Studio Code. I would prefer to use other tools, but autocompletion, right click to go to definitions/declarations/header files, etc is very useful for me. That's why I'm curious about how you code.

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