The cheaper interactions become, the more intensely a system is corrupted. The faster interactions become, the faster the corruption spreads.

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@neauoire I feel like Kessler Syndrome was a bad example for this:

- Space is still very expensive and hard to get to.
- Kessler Syndrome is primarily caused by bad actors with huge amounts of resources blowing shit up (US & China testing anti-satellite weapons).
- Most satellites are special snowflakes; that population is quite diverse.

@ndpi So, as spaceflight gets cheaper, you think we will see _less_ space trash?

@neauoire Actually, yes. There’s a much greater awareness of the risk now and incentives to avoid creating more debris. Satellites in packed orbits like LEO or GEO are required to have end of life disposal plans in place. Many larger satellites have propulsion and take active measures to avoid collisions (“conjunctions”). Projects are underway, in early stages, to try to actively reduce the amount of debris as well as to repair and resupply existing satellites.

@neauoire Part of what makes this work is that there’s gatekeepers and regulations in place. That’s not incompatible with greater and cheaper access.

@neauoire apenwarr is good shit. His company/product tailscale is great.

@peregrine haha yeah I saw that, rekka spotted that through RSS, it was even more 0_o

@neauoire @peregrine I laughed when I saw that. I was just like... yep. Basically.

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