I spent more than 1/6th of the year at sea this year, I had plenty of time to read, more than any other year before.

Here's my reading list for 2020:

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@neauoire Saw on your reading List: Solaris by Stanislaw Lem.

In the 70's, on a black and white television screen, watch a film i did not understand. It was on a local TV station broadcasting one science fiction film per week. Tumble in, in the middle of the story and was fascinated. Never before saw a film like this.
Some month later realized that the plot is based on Solaris by Stanislaw Lem. Took me years to discover Andrei Tarkovsky, his concept of time and color.
#Tarkovsky #Solaris

@kandid Oh yeah that's a total classic, one of my favourite movies. <3

@neauoire Christopher Alexander, Wendell Berry, One-Straw Revolution 👌

@neauoire I contributed to this list! And whenever I can get someone to read that book I feel like I've clawed some success out of my time

@khm which one did you recommend was it Canticle for Lebowitz?

@neauoire Yep! I can't even count the number of copies I've bought over the years just to give away.

@khm that was great! It was one of the first book I read after casting off the coast of Japan.

Next I have to read Anathema, I heard it has similar themes.

@neauoire I was never able to tell if Anathema was a 'far in the future' story or a 'parallel world' sort of deal, but I could see the comparison to A Canticle for Leibowitz; they both have that same 'timelessness' quality.

In my personal opinion, the sheer quality of the writing in Canticle is unapproachable. Every time I read it I find a new phrase or paragraph that sticks with me.

@khm The funny thing was that I forgot who recommended it and why. For a long while in the beginning i was like What on earth am I reading

@neauoire I hope it was worth it! I don't like to 'recommend a takeway' with that book but the story it tells is important to me for a lot of reasons.

@khm @neauoire are you both talking about Stephenson's Anathem? If Canticle is similar then I must read it, because Anathem is great. (It is a parallel world, not future)

@nf @neauoire Yep. I'd say Canticle is more grounded but a deeper well -- just my opinion

@neauoire how was The Timeless Way of Building? i have a pattern language in my shelf, but don't really know anything about the other books in the series

@cblgh It's great mood reading, put on some William Basinski, make yourself a cup of tea and it'll send you in viena to look at how cool the buildings are when they're covered in vines.

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