Is it possible that merveilles makes people unemployable.. 🤔

@trickster I'm not sure how to phrase this properly, but my thinking goes like: you can only spend so much time in smol tech before beginning to repudiate everything else, and the prospect of building in a particular ecosystem will make you feel ill.

@neauoire i get your point, and depending on the sensibilities of the posters / viewers, that might very well be the case

@neauoire Being employable is not something I'm proud of at all, actually.

@xiroux @neauoire It happened to me and now I'm an ascetic guy that is not really employable anymore.

@neauoire @xiroux AND NOW WHAT?
I don't like the sea. I'm not even able to swim.

What can I DO NOW? WHAT????

@neauoire @xiroux I probably can, yeah. It's very common here, like grows everywhere.

@xiroux Can you elaborate? At least you're in position to find work, while others struggle getting their foot in the door.

@contrapak Yeah, I'm sorry, I am in a position of privilege being employable. What I wanted to say is that "being employable" is not a good thing per se, as it mainly benefits the employer, not the employee. Employers need employees to work for them and steal part of the value they create through their work. Of course, it is needed (except for some very particular cases that all seem to live in this beautiful community) in order to live a somehow independent life.

@xiroux This makes a lot more sense now. Thanks for the clarification!

@neauoire I’m not even part of it but just by following you and some of the other people in merveilles I already feel it has influenced me a lot. I already put a 2 year plan to become independent and be able to work on projects that really matter to me

@mauro I feel both happy and sorry, but more happy than sorry for you ;) I'm glad to hear :tealheart:

maybe not to the same degree as @mauro, but the philosophy and creative explorations that we've seen through our articulations with merveilles have greatly influenced our studies and personal projects over the past year, and have certainly impacted how we view our own work as a sysadmin -- how we contextualize our own engagement with technology within a wider historical lens

we're grateful to have been able to observe the ways in which that kind of perspective can exist and be realized at the intersection of art, craft, and technology, in ways that are at the very least agnostic to or critical of capitalist notions of progress

add a scenario to your 2 year plan where the plan takes 5-10 years! also keep a backout option when your plan is unsuccessful.

@mauro @neauoire
and before i forget, make sure that you have fun even when you are following any 2-10 or any other projects at all.

@zem @neauoire thanks for the feedback ... yeah my backup plan would be to look for a dev job again something that I think is quite realistic ... though I might find it harder since I’ll be in my 40s

@neauoire learned to care about my own interests over those of a company, stopped obsessing over applying for big tech internships, and taking a gap year for 2021 to find my priorities in work and life

- all partially a result of the influence of this community : )

@neauoire an employee implies the existence of an employer... no thanks, comrade

@neauoire I have no idea what this means, but I’ve decided to assume it’s a beautiful compliment

@neauoire I searched for it and found car videos only 😂 but now I know!

@neauoire Artistic and financial independence often seem mutually incompatible.

@neauoire It's okay but only if you successfully build a longtermist media monastary to support many people living the merveilles way of life

@neauoire it reminds me of this joke: "I like lisp because it turns people smarter than me into unemployable crazies"

@neauoire HAH! nearly spat out my water.

i think in some part i joined merveilles to sharpen my unemployability. recognizing from an early age that works brings me little satisfaction i knew i needed something else

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