Marvelous pursuits are a means to resist alienation from one's environment because they are a temporary means to make that environment one's own, by ascribing one's own, often bizarre, value for things and spaces.

The marvelous pursuit often creates complexity but a complexity which is opposed to that of the technician. The master of a marvelous pursuit can never be an engineer because the marvelous is by nature useless to society (and therefore to capital).

@neauoire fascinating text, that is exactly what I'm trying to do : gather up the pieces and act

@neauoire oh wait those guys - no I never read Le Matin des Magiciens but seem to recall they were kind of similar to Erich von Däniken’s books about ancient encounters with aliens? Or am I totally off base?

@dokoissho yeah that's them :D Fantastic Realism era of french writing.

@neauoire I did a bit of digging, and the Marvelous Pursuits article (posted a while back) isn't Anonymous, it's by a writer called Leila Binder. It was published in the second issue of an anarchist journal with the strange name Killing King Abacus in 2001. The issues were republished in an anthology in 2016 with some new articles, including by her. Recommended: "Political Imagination in the Age of the Smart Phone".

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