Our instance just turned 2 years old!

Just as a tiny bit of history. Merveilles comes from a little IRC channel from many years ago to bring together a few people who played a small MMO with that same name.

Eventually we realized that a bunch of us had similar interests and started to build things together like Waiting for Horus, Paradise, etc..

I've got to meet lots of amazing folks working on incredible things through this. And, I love coming here.


@neauoire a fascinating rabbit hole of a wiki :)
thanks for sharing how Merveilles town got started! :merveilles:

@neauoire oh wow... je me souviens avoir essayé ce truc là. Je comprenais pas grand chose, haha! Ça fait longtemps!

@neauoire Also just realized that last November, was Hundredrabbit's 5-year anniversary ;).

@rek Congratulations! I wish you two 20 more years of this adventure!

@neauoire finally, the answer to my question, what does the name mean! I love it here!

@neauoire is there any connection to hyper light drifter? the art style is so similar

@wklew no there isn't but maybe we have the same influences :)

@neauoire oh I didn't realize you had made the game! I really love the style, and I wouldn't be surprised if it percolated up to the HLD creators somehow

@neauoire I'd still love to see the original Merveilles game again!

@neauoire its been one of the pleasures of my life to interact, support and be supported by merveilles over the better part of a decade.

@neauoire If I remember right I was the one who pestered you enough on twitter to get you to first sign up on mastodon, I wonder if you hadn't if we would all still be hanging out on #rotonde

@liaizon I remember! Thank you so much for that haha :) I don't think rotonde would have scaled too well.

@neauoire I remember trying to use this place without checking Twitter and thinking the only stuff I was really missing was being posted by you!

@liaizon I was already starting to feel pretty alienated by the place, I remember joining sunbeam. That was so refreshing.

@neauoire Thank you for compiling this! I've been talking about Merveilles with friends and sometimes feel I can't fully do it justice in just a few sentences. This is a great resource to pass around.

Merveilles continues to inspire me. It gives me direction and hope; things I have been struggling with in recent times. Thank you and @rek for creating this space. And everyone who supports, builds, shapes and contributes to it! <3

And finally: happy birthday to the instance!

@rostiger @neauoire I wasn't involved in Merveilles' creation (some think I was), but I too, enjoy it a lot ^_^.

@rek @neauoire Oh! It says so in the Wiley Wiggins article:

"The community was founded by Devine Lu Linvega and Rekka Bellum, two artists and technologists who live a nomadic existence on a houseboat and have adapted their lives to the special requirements, producing games and software under the name Hundred Rabbits."

@rostiger @neauoire I know, and it's inaccurate, it's because ppl associate Hundredrabbits with Merveilles. I was one of the first users of this instance, but wasn't an active part of the community before that (when it was on IRC, and slack).

@neauoire xoka & thanks to all who have been part of this cool ever-evolving lil community. actually a surprisingly important piece of my consciousness for years now. I appreciate you all. the effect on me as a person, creatively, philosophically, ideologically, even ethically etc. is undeniable. I’ve only met a few merveilles friends in person but I hope it can be more sometime. here’s to many more years of community, learning, sharing and support. <3

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