@neauoire This software seems really fun to play with. Much more fun than TidalCycles.

@neauoire I tried TidalCycles cus I kinda miss drumming (I can't anymore) and I just wanted to make some music.
But I don't know anything about electronic music and it's all fuzzy to me.
Like I understand how the programming syntax works, there is just a lot of vocabulary and techniques that confuses me.

@matthilde well orca has no electronic music anything, except bang. If there's a bang(*) then it plays a sound, otherwise it does not. If you're interested, have a look at this tutorial by @ezbot


@neauoire Do you have any text tutorial? I learn better when I read. It's fine if you don't, I can still deal with the yt tutorial.

@matthilde Ah yes of course, there are a ton of tutorials out there that aren't video, here's mine :)


@neauoire did you just make a toot tread with the last couple of days of these beats then delete it? Because I was in the middle of paying my mad props of the post!!!!!

@neauoire that so strange! I wasnt able to post to it then it seemed like it was gone totally, now it's a thread again. The Fediverse works in mysterious ways.

Keep on kicking ass, I won't blame you on toot deletes again 🤣

@neauoire nice! i like that now i can see and understand the techniques you use! :tealheart:

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