Rekka has been turning our Pacific passage into a book using pandoc, tested the resulting epub and it looks great :D

@neauoire what tablet is that? I've been meaning to get myself an eink tablet for ebooks and notes and such...

@neauoire @nebunez "With provided ads"


Maybe I'll try to see for the reMarkable or an old kindle

@Arteneko @nebunez there's a pile of second hand kindle at the second hand store, try there before getting a new one. They're pretty much indestructible.

@neauoire where? Is that an online shop?
Cuz we've got no second hand store here :c

@Arteneko Oh, no that's just a place where people get rid of old stuff. They're everywhere in Canada.

@Arteneko I can send you my old non-backlit kindle if you like. May take a little bit since it has to cross from the UK to France but it's free if you want it.

@neauoire @Arteneko This is what I'm looking for now. It appears the 5th gen Kindles are the way to go if you would like to be able to hack it and install an alternate OS at some point.

@nebunez @neauoire @Arteneko you could also grab something from Kobo. It's really easy to install KOReader and just get rid of Nickel entirely. Much more expensive than a used Kindle would be though

@amolith @neauoire @Arteneko Price is definitely a consideration, but Kobo looks decent too.

@nebunez @amolith @neauoire ye, but as a student, price is usually the deal killer...

@nebunez @neauoire @Arteneko I've been really happy with my limited edition Aura ONE but I don't think they sell it or the regular version any more. I've heard good things about all their other eReaders though.

@neauoire wow is it how Kindle renders your epub? I thought it's only good at mobi

@gleb that's a mobi, pandoc exports to epub, calibre uploads a mobi.

@neauoire is nm still in use for nautical miles? I read nanometers at first

@neauoire @rdg ya, I only just realized that the abbreviation for nautical miles is actually nmi XD, I've always written it as nm.

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