I did it! Built a simple graphical text editor in 500 lines of ANSI C. Just added the missing mouse picking stuff, will move on find/replace things next.

This is what I'll be using from now on to work on my stuff :D

@neauoire how is the tileset arranged - ASCII? I'm assuming it's a NES .chr?

@neauoire maybe I will make a tileset. have you put source up?

@whtrbt I have, and I was just about to redraw the Spectrum ZX tileset to chr, do you wanna give it a shot?

@neauoire I was going to make up my own, but I can do the spectrum one if that's what you'll use

@neauoire oh I got Nasu :) want me to do the spectrum one?

@neauoire rejigged an existing charset I made last year, which was trying to make most characters fit 6x6 (except extenders and descenders).

might be a bit much though... I'll keep playing around tomorrow.

Left is outputting blurry text on OS X, I'll see if I can figure that out too.

@neauoire I think this set works well as uppercase, but it's too hard to make lowercase work with it.

I will never give up that 4 though.

@neauoire quickly testing out the speccy one, it's nice but there are a few quirky characters in there. I'll finish this off tomorrow too, might do a variant spectrum one as well.

@whtrbt @neauoire if you're doing 6x6 font stuff, Susan Kare's Six Dots is my favorite by a mile

spectrum is here:
I'll keep iterating on this one and maybe some others.
why aren't you using the ASCII ordering?

@whtrbt @neauoire In case you are looking for some bitmap fonts, I stumbled across these a while ago and thought I'd share:

@neauoire ah, Nasu is just unwinding it in a different order. very good, carry on :)

@whtrbt ah yeah, you're using an old version, I was trying something "different"

@neauoire OK I'm trying the new version. :) I had to double the zoom on both nasu and left... must be because of retina monitor

@neauoire yeah, I posted before reading the source fully. :) two comments though - what is the last brush doing? it seems to be squaring things up into either lines or blocks? and second, there's no tiling features anymore - I will probably keep using old nasu for tile sets.

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@whtrbt It looks great, my only issue is that the dot(.) and perc(%) use 4px square that looks too bold, so I'll make the dot a single pixel and make the 2 circles of the % into a sort of star

@neauoire go for it!

the full stop in the spectrum font is big like that, even though the comma and semicolon aren't. same with the percentage.

@neauoire it's got lots of breathing room, it's one of my favourites as well. stay tuned for my remix. :)

@whtrbt Oh wow it looks great :D How do you want to be credited for that?

@neauoire at this stage, no need - it's barely different from the spectrum. :)

I might fill in the rest of the 256 characters so you have a full ascii set though. if you decide to include that 256 version with the left source, maybe a link to my site?

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@whtrbt what program is that in the background of this image?

@flbr Nasu - a lightweight pixel editor that outputs .chr files used by NES and some 100 rabbits software.

@whtrbt Oh wow, I didn't even recognize it was nasu! XD

Wait, you guys have fancy schpancy chr editors?
I've just been using txt2chr (, plus my new favorite text editor:

Are full-color (four color) chr fonts a planned feature, or is that something I'll have to maintain in my own fork?

Micro doesn't implement text rendering, but depends on your terminal emulator to do that.

@mario_afk Nothing, it's still a great editor. it's what I used to build this, but I wanted a graphical editor that wasn't terminal based. Personal challenge.

@neauoire Is this available anywhere already? Would love to take it for a spin

@mgrondin I have the source up but it's very incomplete at this point, gimme a few days to put the find/replace stuff in and I'll share it :)

@mgrondin It's very incomplete, and very much a work in progress, but if you're curious:

@neauoire I wouldn't be able to deal with that font. How do you read that?
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