Oh shit, @pla got hit by a car..
He was one of the first person I've ever followed on the fedi. His unique mixture of of tech and bicyles will be missed 😭

He died doing what he loved.
Fuck cars.

@neauoire wow ): that is really sad. i recognize him from my first account. such a nice person

Fuck cars indeed 😞
He seemed cool and I liked seeing his bikeposting photos

@neauoire @pla I never saw his posts and I wish I had. He seems like he was a wonderful human.

Fuck cars

@neauoire this is heartbreaking.

Every time I saw @pla's cycling-related toots, my day got a bit brighter. A few times they actually got me to move my arse and get out on a bike.

I followed him for years. The #fediverse (and the universe) are a bit less sanguine without him.


@neauoire @pla this is the first I've heard of him, but this is still sad to hear :<

@neauoire @pla this is awful... rest in peace and i am sorry for your loss...

It's so ironic that one of his last messages was... announcing his list of dead Fediverse instances at - and now his own instance is too

@neauoire @pla He was one of the first people I followed too. heartbreaking 😞

@aadil @neauoire @pla he was also one of my first follows. I loved his photography and sharing his cycling journeys

@neauoire I never got to know this humyn. His pics are lovely. 💔

@neauoire @pla I had just discovered #pla and admired his dedication to posting about his rides. I was so pleased when he followed me back. #FuckCars

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