Edited my website with my own text editor for the first time today.


Added some features I liked from Acme, right-click to find the next instance for a word.

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Redesigned the scrollbar so it shows both where the cursor is, and what the viewport is looking at.

Also added copy/paste.

@neauoire So strange to edit the file to perform an editor command. When you middle-click does the command disappear from the file?

@akkartik I haven't implement snarf yet but that's the plan of course, to clip out the word with a chord :)

@neauoire No I mean, if you type :123 and then middle click and jump to line 123, does your file now have :123 randomly somewhere in it arbitrarily far away from your cursor? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the video.

@akkartik yeah it does at the moment, but the idea is that this will be the underlying language the the toolbar at the bottom will use. But the way to use this functionality will be to snarf it while jumping. I'll work on that tomorrow, you'll see :)

@neauoire Oh. This is nice. Both features is massively useful and I like this a lot.
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