I'm using the mediocre text editor I built to do my work at the moment, it's mediocre but at least it's MY FAULT. 👍

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@neauoire it's really nice when something breaks and you can say "oh right i messed that up [which means i can also fix it]"

@neauoire don't tell the fanatics - but I kinda make a text editor that can handle org-mode files. Just the folding would make it better than most text editors. Altho maybe there's a chance that writing an extension to Kate would be easier.

@theruran start small, like making sure that when you click on a letter it selects the right one, doing that alone you'll have fun for days.

@neauoire What makes it hard? I made text editors before, and that's something to look at carefully, but not for long. Trying to spell out all such microfeatures all together is a long winded journey, however.

@artlav mouse picking with x and y scroll, where you have to keep in mind where both the selection starts and ends is tricky. I fix one thing, break two other things.

@neauoire if it's mediocre it's already better than most 👀

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