Proof reading the book today, it's up to 200 pages long now.

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@cblgh @neauoire If I do, it'll be a small run of books, because of space constraints.

@rek @neauoire yeah it makes sense. i'd love to order one if you do :)

julia evans wrote a small retro on her experience shipping out 400 zines by hand, might be interesting

@chirrolafupa @neauoire @cblgh Used to print comic anthologies and other books a few years back, got some contacts in Canada for a short run already :>.

@neauoire @rek i really enjoyed reading the original transcript, looking forward to this!

@neauoire wow that's great, is it being written with md + pandoc?

@neauoire looks fab - are you also using yr own software for the book structure/design?

@neauoire I've been looking at bookdown (an RStudio package) but it seems overly complicated and looks kind of meh

@neauoire I use pandoc a lot but haven't tried it for book design. Don't know sphinx

@neauoire @rek wait wut, there's a book?! that's so cool! ive been reading rek's sailing logs of your journey to the pacific, is this different?

@neauoire @rek Oh that's awesome that you're making a book! Very looking forward to it!

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