@zens everyday I was like, tomorrow, tomorrow, today was so frustrated having to zoom on the window that I was like fuck it.

@amatecha aaah! yes I was trying to remember how mac classic called it haha.

@neauoire Oh that's so good! Got to go try it out now :>

@neauoire I have to draw somewhere first to set the focus for bigpixel, is that right? it zooms to the last place I drew, not the mouse position.

@whtrbt yes that's how it works, I'm not sure what's the best UX for this, Lemme know if you have any suggestion, I usually right-click to select a tile.

@neauoire my preference is to big-pixel-zoom centred on the area the cursor is over. even if that causes half tiles to be displayed on the edges.

I also like the shortcuts to be just letters without ctrl, but I can change that myself. :)

@whtrbt I'm not sure I want to redraw on mouse-mouse, I'll try a few things.

@neauoire doesn't have to follow the mouse movement, I didn't mean that. just use the mouse position as the centre for the big-pixel-zoom. maybe that's not what you meant either. 👍

@whtrbt so when you click on the bigpixel icon? where does it put you?

@neauoire good point, I was only thinking of the short cuts. I guess clicking the button should continue to switch to the last edited place.

I will try your method of right clicking to give the tile focus and then bigpixel, maybe that is not too bad.

@whtrbt pushed a little update that makes it so you don't need to press ctrl for bigpixel mode(you're right, it does feel better), and right-click should register properly for it now.

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