Starting to feel comfortable in my mediocre text editor.

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@neauoire it’s only mediocre if you think it is, but once it’s comfy, it’s the comfiest

@neauoire now time to build a programming language designed to play well with your editor.

@neauoire How is this font in the long run? I was looking long time for good font for long reading, turned out that Ubuntu family is most comfortable for me. This font looks interesting, but aren't your eyes getting tired if you code for long time?

@efftoyz mhmm so far so good, I feel like you can get used to anything.

@neauoire This is really cool! I cloned some of your tools from sourcehut to play around with. Really good stuff!

@brainofdane I'm glad :) I try to improve them as I use them and find bugs, lemme know if you spot anything!

@neauoire will do!

Hey, I was also curious: I know that you're really interested in keeping things energy-efficient. I'm not very knowledgeable about GUI programming, but it seems like immediate-mode GUI will run the CPU continuously. Is that just standard for any graphical tool? Do you have any thoughts about energy efficiency in GUI programming?

@brainofdane I check for input changes every few milliseconds, but it shouldn't really show up as high CPU usage? Are you seeing an application with high CPU usage?

@neauoire I wasn't seeing anything on my end. I was just doing some thought experiments and trying to wrap my head around what it would take to write a GUI from scratch in SDL. You've done some really cool stuff. I'll let you know if I find any bugs!

@brainofdane Oh, well generally speaking, my apps are probably good models, all apps even terminal emulators will have to have a loop runing to check for inputs, I don't think there's a way out of it.

@neauoire I guess that's true even down to a microcontroller having to loop and wait for a pin to go high or low (for a button press, etc.)

It's just the nature of the beast.

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