@neauoire "It will reinforce your current desire to blow up a dam"

@neauoire Thats the most depressing thing i ever read.

We have one of these forests here though, it is weird to walk in. You face one way and everything looks 'normal' but you turn 90 degrees and you can see rows right down to infinity. They don't log it though, it was planted to provide work for people after the war apparently.

Got hit pretty hard by ash dieback though.

@jameschip @neauoire I’m currently working on a game about the hypothetical future of forests in France, and this describes a method that hopefully is now seen as a bas idea even by forest managers (though it’s still heavily used...)

To sum up, the issue is whatever you put on the plot will die at some point because a single species forest just won’t resist climate warming. Enforcing trees diversity is our only chance for forests to still exist next century.

@jameschip @neauoire Well actually, there’s something more sad. Old, natural forests will disappear as well because their normal regeneration rate is too slow to keep the pace. So basically it means "traditional" forests need to be gradually replaced with a blend of more exotic trees that will likely resist a wider variety of climate-related beatings. The strategy is "let’s try with other trees because if we don’t we’re 100% fucked, letting the forest alone won’t be enough."

@jameschip @neauoire The one positive thing is that the forest industry is taking the threat very seriously because unlike oil or similar business, they totally depend on a working, living ecosystem. And they’re actually pretty good at planning "far" in the future because it’s the core of their job. Working with forests means planning further than our own lifetimes anyway.

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