Daniel at Esoteric codes asked us about our design philosophy at 100R, trying to put words on our practices.

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> solving problems is more efficient than looking for solutions

interesting! will meditate (and act) on that :)

@chirrolafupa @neauoire I'm not sure this is always true. I guess it depends on the problem, and on the quality and accessibility of the existing solutions. And also on one's definition of efficiency. Do you mean to say that it is quicker? Or that your solutions can be more energy efficient, etc? How would, say, writing a text editor be more efficient than using an existing one? Or is this not the scenario you had in mind?

@chirrolafupa @neauoire The solutions themselves may end up being more efficient and streamlined, but is the process? I.e. Of building over selecting? Perhaps this initial investment in time is amortised over the course of using the more efficient software, and so results in a net gain?

@chirrolafupa @neauoire Think I'm slowly seeing your point. Must stop thinking out loud in public. 😂

@neauoire Not your intent but this post is making me want to spend a lazy Saturday finding nice new wallpapers

@cblgh I have a better font(the zx spectrum one) but I've been looking at this one for so long now that I've kindda gotten used to it.

@cblgh @neauoire phew, thought that I am the only one that got mild dyslexia on that font

the lack of line spacing and wide chars is hard for me

@tbd @cblgh The user-friendly font looks like this:

But I realized that the brain kind of gets used to anything, so I've sticked to the wide font.

@neauoire « solving problems is more efficient than looking for solutions »
Thanks for summing up what I’ve been trying to say for a year.

i like the part about scale here, a lot of weird esoteric , fascinating stuff lives in that small non-scalable world..

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