Daniel at Esoteric codes asked us about our design philosophy at 100R, trying to put words on our practices.

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@neauoire Not your intent but this post is making me want to spend a lazy Saturday finding nice new wallpapers

@cblgh I have a better font(the zx spectrum one) but I've been looking at this one for so long now that I've kindda gotten used to it.

@cblgh @neauoire phew, thought that I am the only one that got mild dyslexia on that font

the lack of line spacing and wide chars is hard for me

@tbd @cblgh The user-friendly font looks like this:

But I realized that the brain kind of gets used to anything, so I've sticked to the wide font.

@neauoire « solving problems is more efficient than looking for solutions »
Thanks for summing up what I’ve been trying to say for a year.

i like the part about scale here, a lot of weird esoteric , fascinating stuff lives in that small non-scalable world..

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