Built a little image to NES sprite converter in SDL as a companion to Nasu.

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I'm having too much fun with this.

I was trying to figure out algorithm to handle color picking for me, but in the end I just added 4 color pickers.

Put the sources up, for the other people out there who, for some odd reason, also need to convert images to the nes bitmap format.

@Novimatrem I always pick the things that are the most fun to work on! ✊

@neauoire I love how it gives the effect of almost cell shading? its kinda neat

@neauoire Fuuuuck, I've always really liked the aesthetic of images that have been quick 'n dirtily converted from full color to just a few colors from a carefully chosen palette. Hopefully I figure out Godot's 3D soon so I can shade some of my games that way too, lol.

@neauoire told you!

(is thresholding not an algorithm? I get what you mean, though)

@neauoire was surprised how accurately you'd drawn it, then I read the text! πŸ˜‚

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