@technomancy @neauoire Any resemblances to living or dead Elons or Bills are purely coincidental and not intended.

extremist right, ever more applicable 

@neauoire still checks out today, with the ultra-radical extremist-right figures as the modern corrupters of society. sure they look like villians, a foe that sees gain in brining harm & disruption & cosplay-militant terror to society, but their base is comprised of disenfranchised crushed lost souls, sheep in need of a flock.

@neauoire It's difficult to tell if this is taking a stab at the ridiculousness of comic book superheroes or billionaires.

I mean like, if Superman was real you know that Elon Musk would be stockpiling kryptonite (and I mean that in the strictest Lex Luthor way, not Bruce Wayne).

@grimmware @neauoire

His latest version has that narrative universe's equivalent of Bruce Wayne and Batman... :D

@neauoire He was probably already funding the community development programes though, I dunno, let him live

@neauoire explains why Bezos isn’t a vigilante – never thought to try to help anyone

@neauoire he's not the welfare program Gotham wanted, he's the welfare program Gotham deserved.
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