Took a few minutes this morning to put together a hex editor that shows the hex values and resulting chr sprite side-by-side.


Added the option to see each 1-bit channels per line, and the assembled 4-colors result.

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@neauoire is nasu picking up the changes to the chr file automatically?

@neauoire @whtrbt I actually think that dead simple approach is unbeatable, auto-watch is a temporary love affair imo

@neauoire ah, what browser are you using to view nasu here?

@neauoire Oh, my apologies, I had misunderstood what was going on (I had been going off the version I saw on github) - thank you!

@neauoire Yep, osx for work and after work I have not had much interest / passion for projects on the computer so my PC remains in Windows mostly since if I am on it I am playing games with friends

@neauoire they had to buy me a SECOND mac because the first one they got me had 256GB and that was not enough for work.

Why is Xcode 50GB??

@dualhammers @neauoire

Starting xcode up is the worlds longest sigh.

Every time i switch the mac on at work to do some small fix to an IOS app I always wonder how I managed to spend so many years working in OSX before realizing how terrible it was.

@jameschip @neauoire Yeah we are not doing anything with iOS apps so I really wonder if I need XCode or if they're just using it as an IDE and I could use something else

@neauoire I don't know if I truly have to, but it's what the team that wrote the python scripts we use told me to get.

@dualhammers @neauoire yeah unfortunately terminal tools on OSX aren't installed by default, you need to install all of XCode to do a lot of simple things.

@dualhammers @neauoire I've had XCode installed for so long I can't remember what exactly you can't do in terminal if you don't have it, but from what I remember, what you can do in terminal is VERY limited without it.

@birdstare @dualhammers @neauoire

*one WWDC later*

Tim Apple: "Our developer community is thriving. We have more Xcode installs now than ever before. And we're only getting started."

Tim: *dramatically pulls a curtain off of a metal shiny metal rectangle under a spotlight*

@neauoire @dualhammers i should also try to figure out how to do more performance analysis on 9 because i am always curious about this too :)

@dogstar @dualhammers Usually if something takes less than 1% of my CPU it's a good enough.

@neauoire computers give you just enough to keep you coming back for more.

I've been meaning to check these out at some point. I'm sure I could find ways to integrate them into my software ecosystem.

@paul they're pretty simple, they're designed to be stepping stones for more complex things. Lemme know if you get around to doing that and have any questions :)

@neauoire it's such a good feeling whenever it hits

really reminds me of what i always loved about these things in the first place

@neauoire ah! you’re using zeros instead of stacking 1-bit chars- production games tend to pick between two graphics with palette swaps to save space

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