The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.

I didn't even think there was that many people on the fedi.

@neauoire Hypothetically, did it short out my external drive? Cause I just can start over with a (mostly recent) backup of my art folder

@neauoire I really need an option for "both" on this one. It is a disaster, because I lose a lot of photos and videos and scans of artwork from my kids and such. But it's also a relief because I know there's some nightmare documents and code from when I was young and didn't yet know I was an idiot…

@urusan @neauoire This too is my standard response on account of it being "Just another Tuesday" everywhere else

@neauoire mah pictures, mah memories.. also I spent way too much time on these work sheets for our students for them to be lost :D

@neauoire i'm cool as long as it also wipes all the cringeworthy forum posts i made as a kid and couldn't erase manually

@neauoire wow, it's fascinating how even the responses are. well done :)

@neauoire disaster I'd say but I have enough books around that I could try putting back a Unix.

@lanodan @neauoire Maybe I'm interpreting this a little bit widely by imagining that all digital information is gone. But in that scenario, I wouldn't even know where to begin soldering to replace the (now empty) BIOS chip and other ROMs on my motherboard to try to boot it up again, or how to get microcode into the CPU, much less making a Unix. Mad respect if you have the skills and tools to reinvent an entire operating system from nothing.

@eviloatmeal @neauoire I know where the BIOS is on most of my boxes and I have microcontrollers around for the flashing. (assuming the very small bits of data that are baked in CPUs isn't erased)

btw I would recommend watching the videos of even if I didn't try them physically yet (I don't like hardware much, it's too fragile).

I would lack a book about CPU opcodes and compiler design, my copies of that are digital but there is definitely public librairies nearby with those books.

And doing an OS from nothing is the kind of thing I would want to try at some point, even just something like BASIC.

@lanodan @neauoire In my interpretation, all digital information is gone. Microcontrollers are fried as well. You would have to find some analogue electrical way to store new data on the chips, or build some kind of simple logic gate based thing like what Ben Eater describes, as you mentioned.

@eviloatmeal @neauoire I guess at that kind of level I'll go take care of ponies or goats instead.

@lanodan @neauoire Yeah... I would love to learn more low level stuff, I just don't have the patience, these days.

@neauoire i accidentally do this to myself like twice a year. its comfy like getting a new pair of sneakers

@neauoire If anime are still there on the internet, it's fine.

@otyugh @neauoire Assuming that the solar flare destroys all data, there is no more anime, no more internet, nothing.

Even if you interpret it more narrowly, I think just about every bit of data would count as part of somebody's digital work, so at the very least all the anime is gone, as it was part of its creators' digital portfolios.

@eviloatmeal @neauoire Ho come on. There must be otakus that put the whole anime world into ADN, there must be ! 😱

@neauoire That must be a bug. That can't be real. Last time I saw it, with 280 votes, it was 50/50.

@xiroux @neauoire I can see 52/48% now, so doesn't look like a bug, it's actually almost even!

@neauoire honestly the most interesting poll I've seen in weeks.

@neauoire I'm gonna steal this and create a poll on my work slack. I expect similar results!

Does it erase effects of my past sins, like using Gmail (ughh!) or PayPal e.g. all data leaked to these greedy f***ers?

@neauoire If it's a magic solar flare that impacts just my work, it would be a relief.

If it's a mundane solar flare, it would have enough strength to shut down modern civilization, leading to literal *billions* of people dying of starvation in very short time.

So I vote "disaster".

@neauoire well it is a thought provoking proposition, kinda caught me off guard and got stuck in my head for a bit, p. cool

@k_jungle @neauoire if an EMP hits then I wouldn't have to do work 🤷‍♂️ at least I have paper books, notebooks, pens and pencils, and guitars. it would probably be a relief even tho I answered disaster :thonking: disaster because most of my research is stored digitally.

@neauoire I feel like the third option is: that's just part of the process.


Me: oh noes all my work is gone

Also me: wait all the stuff I hate is gone too lmao


I am keeping backup notes for this reason ... just like the current pandemic, a solar flare of high magnitude is due to happen

It is rarer than once in a hundred year though, but I believe it frequency is higher than once in 250 years ...

#wawa_suno #pakala_ilo


It is once every 150 years

La tempête solaire de 1859, également connue sous le nom d'événement de Carrington
Sur la base de certaines observations, ce type d'événement serait susceptible de se reproduire avec une telle violence seulement une fois tous les 150 ans


It should thus happen any time soon ... Just at the same time goverments worldwide impliment digitalisation :-)

#wawa_suno #pakala_ilo #150years

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