@neauoire This made me envision a particular Pixelated Overgrown Ruinsy background that I desperately need but that might not exist.

Brutalism With Plants but inside of a computer and the plants are us.

@neauoire Yeah okay this is the entire iconography of 2020 merveilles solarpunk. Old dead hostile architecture, reclaimed by nature, made beautiful and supportive of life, the nature is us.

@neauoire hmm, they have the same theory of humor as me

@neauoire Do I get to say "we" if I didn't really buy into it though. Like I dig it on an aesthetic level and a lot of my sensibilities align with it (my computer is like 8 years old and I have no desire to upgrade at all) but I consider it to be materially strategically incorrect as a political aesthetic (no beautiful cultural display from the solarpunks will convince bulk of the machine to slow down, we are at war, to win we must outrun it, and we can outrun it because we carry a fire it lacks

@faun It depends, it depends on a lot of things. I don't think that this aesthetic can compete with civilisation, but to compete at what exactly? At falling off the cliff first? At being the best at killing itself?

I'm not sure I'd see racing to the bottom a race worth participating in. You can say "we" if you're not participating.

@neauoire Hm, to clarify, winning looks like solving AGI alignment before the myopic ones create AGI without alignment. It's not so much about making faster bombs or anything.

I was going to talk about the conflicts between living the solarpunk aesthetic and making a positive contribution to winning that race.
On reflection...
I'm not sure there should be one:

@neauoire The alignment problem should be a central solarpunk interest: It's entirely about making technology sustainable and humane.
Even the work of alignment research is superficially solarpunk in that it's mostly the mathematical study of agency, you could do it from a monastary, you could do it while shoveling azola fern out of a tub and into a hole. You could do it reading PDFs on a solar powered e-ink display on a sailboat etc

@neauoire I'm not sure what I'm looking at with this software... but it's amazing.

I design strange #musical #software of my own, so I'm into it, whatever it is.

But... what is it? 😍

@fortifieduniverse This is dotgrid, exed and left. But if you're into strange music software you might enjoy this one most of all.


@neauoire 😍

It reminds me of a VIC-20 in some strange way. I love it!

Also, dotgrid looks like an amazing tool to add to the collection. Holy smokes!

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