I have this very silly idea that I want to try, will use this thread to share the experiment.


An app written in C without any dependencies is streaming pixels back to drawterm using 9p.

Imagine hosting these tiny applications online, and using drawterms to connect and use them. This is the true web app.

The applications themselves won't include any rendering libraries like SDL, but stream responses to libdraw queries.

@neauoire "Imagine hosting these tiny applications online, and using drawterms to connect and use them"

careful what you wish for

@syntacticsugarglider I was thinking more like, I'll have my tools on a pi serving them locally or remotely.

@neauoire ahh so more like CPU server mentality but a bit more portable

@syntacticsugarglider yeah, also just trying not to have any big includes in the apps themselves but instead build leaner little clients for them that are platform specific.

@neauoire I'd be concerned about security if such low-level code could run on my machine from any website

Wait, I just remind about Chrome

@neauoire I think the closest analog would be VNC, though you'll probably get better compression by avoiding having to send every pixel to the client. Having a generic graphical thin client for a number of applications does sound pretty awesome though, if it could be made to work on less than perfect networks.

@ndpi yeah, libdraw has calls like drawline, fill specific rect, text, etc.. It's pretty complete.

Having the possibility to use a remote resource is legitimately useful, but, well libdraw by itself won't be enough. The web has some important accessibility features.

If the application really needs to run remotely, I'd prefer to export a well documented 9P file tree that can be controlled by a locally running GUI, or even with no GUI.

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