@neauoire Ah, yes. Web rabies. It spreads rapidly and creates an insatiable thirst. Almost always kills the web

@neauoire wow, this whole C++ file is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

@neauoire interestingly, Firefox has a similar system, but mostly for user agent sniffing counter measures, see about:compat. I guess it's a game you have to play if you're not Chrome 😔

@neauoire The iCloud stuff is the most embarrassing because that’s Apple’s own site.

I’ve at times had quirks mode stuff in Comic Snarfer so I don’t blame the webkit devs for the messed up sites. I blame the sites.

Image caption 

@neauoire a drake meme.
drake_no: "modifying your website to work on browser"
drake_yes: "Modifying webkit to work on your website"

@neauoire The `git blame` context is interesting: github.com/WebKit/WebKit/commi

But the meme you chose is on the money. When everyone chases the most users and users want things to "just work", whose blame it is depends on who has the fewest users. If you're big, others mould themselves to you.

The solution: stop being users.

@neauoire You'll like this: there's a _standard_ for browser quirks.


"What, oh, you thought _you_ could have quirks, plebe?"

@akkartik @neauoire That's WHATWG for you! If a page looks different browser it's broken, so they have to prescribe every tiny little detail of how to render it.

Then they all forget about the novel they wrote to cover *everything* and imitate Chrome instead.

@lanodan @akkartik @neauoire Too true!

I did take a wordcount recently, and it's almost as long as "To Green Ivory Tower", one of the world's longest novels known to Wikipedia.

@alcinnz @akkartik @neauoire Word Count of just HTML/CSS/SVG/… or almost all the relevant W3C+WHATWG documents for browsers? (good luck)

@lanodan @akkartik @neauoire Wordcount of the main WHATWG "living standard", covering HTML, XHTML, & the DOM. I'm not sure whether that includes MathML & SVG.

It includes many of JavaScript's APIs but not JavaScript itself. It doesn't include CSS or HTTP(S).

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