The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.


The dollar is suddenly worth 0, all the stores are boarded up.

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@khm no I'm asking which is the most accurate, does one mostly need help, or can mostly help. Obiviously, with these polls, there's always some of both.

@neauoire I think for most people the answer is both unless you're some kind of doomsday prepper.

@neauoire I think the quantification of it will bias to the side of 'I need help', because I'll need aid from multiple people over time while I'll only ever provide aid as one person, even within any group.

@neauoire Both. I can't even really say which way I'd lean toward, because some things that I'd want help with are trivial for those /w means, and some things I can help with trivially make a big difference for others & vice-versa.

@neauoire 🌿 ~~humans are interdependent creatures~~ 🍄

@oak that goes without saying, maybe I phrased it poorly, but I meant it more like, do you need more than you can give ~

You might need just as much that you can give, that's not one of the choices, but yeah just to the best of your approximation.

@oak You might need many things from many people, and might only be able to give one sort of thing in return. So the question I'm asking is more like, can you barter for more than just your own need.

Something along this line of thinking anyways.

@neauoire That makes sense.

I still think, for me, definitely both. ^_^ I know I'd need a lot of support around food (I don't grow much yet) and mental health stuff and other areas, but I also know I have a lot of useful skills to provide (sewing, tech, foraging, etc).

I'm curious about your motivation or intention behind this Q! Also curious about your answer.

@oak I've been reading a lot about preparedness and altruism these days, just sort of curious where people here stands on this.

We're stocked up enough that we could help another vessel of 2 if the need arises. We can afford to(and have the space) to supply for 4ish people.

@neauoire I dont have large stocks of food because the place I live is not my own and if a true disaster hit I would probably have to move light. Same answer for many tools. I am still living stuff-wise as if I''d have to walk out on my bike at any moment.

In some other ways I am definitely unprepared. My health is always a struggle that I find a (perhaps unwinnable?) Battle with

In others I am more prepared. I have knowledge and skills others do not have. I think my mindset makes me ready

@neauoire There is a part of me that wants to go full prepper and live as prepared as possible, but I know that a mindset like that can sour and cause me to move away from community which I need to thrive since I am not partnered and deep isolation is maddening over time (in my experience)

Building or contributing to knowledge sharing so that if/when I can easily transform into a prepared person seems ideal.

@dualhammers @neauoire

I used to be interested in the prepper headspace, mostly as a route towards economic independence within the UK.

The problem i have is that i now suffer frmo long-term medical conditions that keep me tied to the medical supply-chain, in order to stay alive.

Lone prepping is a romantic and practical approach, until you suffer from age-related/wear'n'tear-related conditions,

If you're looking to build a village, have a word with these people,

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