@neauoire interesting. I got distracted and haven't really worked on vicsm8 that much.
Once the VM is done I will implement a Forth-like programming language. I don't like assembly much

@neauoire When I was a kid my father showed me how to "draw a curve with a ruler" with a similar drawing.
It did a great impression on me!

@grgrdvrt I remember filling the margins of my notebooks with this sort of graphics when I was in elementary school. :)

@neauoire it will be possible to make music and animations demos on unx? i'm having a lot of fun trying raster techniques from Gabriel Gambetta's book, Computer Graphic From Scratch, on the Tic80 virtual console. (By the way, pretty awsome work on uxn!)



@camelo003 it will yeah, today I will share a demo of this I've been working on :D

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