Can't look outside right now, the windows are completely covered in snow. It diffuses the morning light in a dreamy sort of way.

@neauoire I shoved most of the snow off Rosa Lusita‘s deck, but the snow around the cockpit and on the boom is just as deep. She looks like fluffed up bird now.

@lilletale Do you find that when snow piles up the waterline goes down much?

@neauoire I have no way to check because we’re frozen in, so nothing is moving up or down, not even the tide.
Wet or otherwise heavy snow would make the waterline go down quite a bit, though. I’ve seen it on other boats.

@lilletale Oh right I forgot, you're basically on the hard haha.

@neauoire I don’t think it’s possible to get any more stuck than this. I’m trying not to worry too much about the hull.

@neauoire Yep. It’s my first winter with the boat on water, and I’ve never encountered that much ice around a boat before.

@lilletale @neauoire

One bit of advice that i received from the boaties living on inland waters around London, was that if you get ice forming around the hull, to monitor at and remove it regularly.

If you have a sheet of ice surrounding the hull, but the boat is still floating, then any impact on the ice-sheet, will directly apply lateral force onto the hull, where it is weakest.

Book a visit to the dry-dock in the springtime, so someone can check as part of your normal maintenance. :D

@BillySmith @neauoire that’s what I’ve been trying, but at this point it’s covering the whole harbour. It froze over so fast!
It’ll start thawing tomorrow, but I’d rather have it out of the solid ice before the temperatures makes everything more mobile, so that the ice bumps into the hull repeatedly.

@lilletale @neauoire

That's exactly the advice that i was given for this situation. :D

@lilletale @neauoire

As soon as it starts thawing, break the ice off, without falling in. :D

@neauoire I had never really looked up the freezing point of saltwater, and now I realize it's only -2°C.

Still, impressive to see sea water freezing oO Hope I'll get to see that with my own eyes at one point
@aearil @neauoire Probably a good idea to be in winter when you're docked, ice is hell to boats
@lanodan @neauoire Especially with a polyester hull, you don't want to run into any growlers :/

@dualhammers I don't think we're gonna bike much these next few days, we'll just wait for the sun to melt the snow away.

@neauoire Are you worried about rust on the chains though? I haven't biked much this winter because I fret about the extra maintenance on the old gear

@dualhammers not really, we'll clean it up nicely when we can. Fresh water is probably good for them at this point, it'll melt the salt away!

@neauoire Guess I Need to find brainspace to read that bike maintenance book

@dualhammers our bikes are super simple, maybe we had gears and disk brakes it'd be a different story.

@neauoire i cant imagine bikes will last long with salt in the air, get some inline skates instead.

@mrmcq2u they've lasted 7 years already, I think they're good for another 7.

@neauoire nice one, based that off of a popular mechanics experiment with a rust proof bike, must rethink now. Will prob stick with skates starting off myself though, nice and easy to store as well, if bearings fuck up then its easy enough fix to boot.


This looks very familiar. :D

Possible a dust-sheet/snow-sheet for next time... 🤣

@neauoire do you shovel the boat? Is that something boat people do?

@neauoire How are you managing? I imagine there's next to no insulation in the boat. Stay safe!

@epilys we have a little heater, and we drink a lot of tea :)

@neauoire When the times are better, consider wintering here in Greece :)

@epilys we'd love to make it that far east, we'll see what we can do come spring :D

@neauoire If it melted would it sink the boat? I suppose its going nowhere at the moment?

@Morphchic it would take a lot, but yeah a heavy accumulation is basically that much more weight on the boat.

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