Every couple of days I get an email that goes like "advice needed", each time I'm like "Oh interesting, maybe they'll want to know tips n' tricks on how to sprout things, or boat stuff".

"I love your minimalist lifestyle, which smartphone do you think I should buy between an Android and Apple"


@neauoire Get an affiliate link thing going for a phone maker, every couple days... that’s probably 100 a year you can convince to make a purchase, use the profits buy a nice cushion so it doesn’t hurt so bad when you bang your head on the table

@neauoire @flip there is a fake phone on amazon that is phone shaped but has nothing in it. i guess you could sell that :youmusmug2:

@icedquinn @flip sending people over to Amazon to buy shit is the last thing I'll do.

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@neauoire @flip i'm sure you can find someone with a 3d printer to clone the concept :blobcatdunno:
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