In more boring news, I've implemented structs for the assembler, so instead of weird syntax to get the size of a rect by counting the number of bytes after the pointer, for example:

rect.width, instead of rect+4(2)

@neauoire oops that reminds me i kinda forgot to work on my project lol. Spent my time setting up a VPN and writing a Gemini-to-HTTP proxy

@neauoire "it's not an OS, it's a framework" they ceaselessly chant to themselves as they slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob

@neauoire Eyyy! I like how you're doing compiles/language dev from the bottom up with, I assume, no "dragon book" in site. Very nice.

@neauoire Yeaaaaa I'm less into that, I like this vm though.

These structs are very nice addition, I don't have the working memory for pointer arithmetic. Much easier to follow.

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