Each window holds a pointer to its own subroutine, it's not multi-tasking but it's something.


Oh I love these colors. Having a sort of Head Over Heels vibe.

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@neauoire That looks like the Nastazie Biblioteque in the age of sodium lamps

@neauoire Ooo, those colors make me think of that mobile game for a while back: Tomb of the Mask. It's a good palette!

@helveticablanc @neauoire I love the gameplay and artstyle of Tomb of the Mask, but I recall it being a bit annoying with ads and (at least back then) not having an option to buy the whole game and disable them. That kinda soured me on it.

There is a "clone" of it for Commodore 64, but it sadly adds more colors to the tiles, so the art style is a bit more busy, but the gameplay is there: retrosouls.itch.io/old-tower-c

@neauoire Reminds me of the ZX spectrum, in a way. Although it's been a while since I saw one of those

@neauoire I remember that game on the C=64. I am also reminded of Firelord. Loved the music from that game!

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