I'm probably not going to have window decors so I've implemented mouse chording to do some os level operations.


Building some routines to check if a point is inside a rect in Uxn.

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Rewrote the controller support example and fixed the slime trail sprite using the blending mode.

old: youtube.com/watch?v=qRRKO823Nc

I can scroll through the memory and change the code and sprites of the running computer.

I'm redrawing the cursor pointer sprites and various characters in memory.

@neauoire you are miles ahead in things I want to try. maybe I should make a VM first, then figure out the underlying logic later (because that part is fun too)? advice?

@whtrbt I think it's a fun way to go about this, I love how @roadriverrail put it: "When you build a VM, you get this the easiest way possible, as you make both the machine and its OS and can change one to suit the other."


@neauoire @roadriverrail and that is exactly where I am at now... I can't easily test my 'track' registers idea, and the idea of changing or adding new instructions relating to the track [which is inevitable, because I don't know what I'm doing here :D ] is daunting because it would involve a whole lot of tearing up and rebuilding. And repeat.

Logisim is great, but it's not easy to try different ideas once things get complex.

@whtrbt @roadriverrail making your own VM is 90% building something only to tear it down 2 days later when you finally understood the problem properly, but it's a ton of fun, your design will be especially designed around your specific needs. If you need someone to kick your butt to keep you motivated, lemme know, I can do that. I'd love to see more friends in that space.

@neauoire @roadriverrail
yes please! motivation is not the issue, more a lack of time. but encouragement, help and guidance are definitely welcome. if I'm starting VM first, I'd love to come up with something that encouraged low res wireframe/unshaded 3D. how to do that... build in ops that are devoted to managing poly and tri data? pretend there's some sort of co-processor?

@whtrbt @neauoire If you need lots of direct mutations, a virtual opcode is often easier. Otherwise, just making the memory map easy to work with is simple and easy to do. You can always start with fat instructions and devolve them into simple ones. That's what happened with CISC and RISC, after all.

@roadriverrail @neauoire that's a helpful way to look at it, starting with fat instructions now - will make it easier to get going.

@whtrbt @neauoire Yeah if you go look at CISC systems at their peak, single instructions were running what we'd call "ROM routines". So, there's no shame in doing likewise for yourself.

@whtrbt @roadriverrail Are you familiar with 3d programming? I won't be able to help if you jump into designing a VM aimed at 3d, I've only done very very basic 3d programming and I can't begin to understand how I'd map that to bytecode and instructions.

@neauoire @roadriverrail not sure yet. a memory map that takes vectors + palettes, and then imagine a PPU that draws them seems pretty easy. that's 2D really though... have to think about what would encourage 3D use.

@neauoire @whtrbt It's genuinely a good way to go. I think your VM's dependency on SDL is an example. I'm suspecting that you just decided "Oh, I'll put the display bitmap memory over here" and hooked your SDL calls up to it. Probably no worry about a main clock, how it syncs with the video clock, what refresh cycles look like. You wanted a GUI, so you exposed SDL through some simple-to-you mechanism.

@roadriverrail @neauoire yes, yes. I was thinking that doing the VM first might make thinking about the logic uninteresting, but actually it's going to be a massive challenge to do it afterwards too.

@neauoire that sprite is adorable. Looks so determined to dig around.

@neauoire In one world of Cyan's Myst precursor Cosmic Osmo, there is a wall programmed this same way:

@neauoire I had a mac PowerBook and the wallpaper worked like that! (minus the memory editing lol)

@easrng that's where I took the idea from :) Macintosh System 7.

@neauoire Nice! I should get it working again, the disk corrupted ages ago when my sister unplugged it while it was on.

@neauoire I made something vaguely similar once, it uses checkboxes to make 1 bit pixel art and you can copy it as unicode. https://codepen.io/easrng/full/oNxPQey

@atari I think in a month or so I should have some sort of accessible beta :)

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