It's an excellent and useful book.

The authors later wrote a sequel ~10 years later, with an extended range of designs. :D


I've owned and given away 3 copies of the first book.

The copy i donated to the hackspace reference library gets a lot of use. :D


(book cover for Nomadic Furniture by James Hennessey Victor Papanek)

@neauoire You've hit onto one of my interests ~ radical furniture stuff. Incoming linkdump:

https://archive.org/details/How.To.Build.Your.Own.Living.Structures.1974.Ken.Isaacs/ --- this looks to be really similar in concept and origin (same era, similar designs, ethos.)

http://www.matthewlangley.com/blog/Enzo-Mari-Autoprogettazione2.pdf --- italian communist designer Enzo Mari published this book around building modernist furniture from construction-grade lumber. Sorry about the poor quality pdf but it's not super easy to find good ones and I'm going to sleep soon anyways so I wanted to be quick.

https://lostartpress.com/collections/the-anarchist-series-of-books --- traditional woodworker Christopher Schwarz has a whole series on "furniture of necessity". Not the Chippendale ultra-high-class furniture, but what average people built when they needed a (table|chair|bench|whatever) for the last 400 years.

@reed @neauoire LOL i love these books too and have them here. you might also dig the Gridbeam documentary, which grows out of Isaacs' work but taken to a new direction

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