(It was awful and I erased my entire database twice but it'll get easier..)

Implemented relative jumps in Uxn, saves a few cycles instead of jumping to absolute addresses.

Every few days I go back and rewrite older code more efficiently as I get more familiar with stack-machine programming.


@neauoire Where do you find these backgrounds from? 😆 It feels like every screenshot you've ever posted has a different amazing background!

@jcmorrow I collect them when I watch things, this is from Naausica.

@jcmorrow I've collected around 1000 wallpapers over the years, and I have a cron script that changes the background when I boot my computer.

@neauoire Ahhhh that makes a ton of sense. Thanks for sharing!

@neauoire @jcmorrow My bonus son (12yrs) watched Nausicaa twice over the weekend

@neauoire love the purple. Ooh, wonder if I type :mac: a little mac appears - joy!.

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