Who remembers the 88x31 icons on art sites from back in the days?

@neauoire this is the 2004 vibe i didn't know i want but am now convinced i need

@neauoire this is precisely the 88x31 era I frequently reminisce.

@neauoire alright, i'm in. give me a moment to meditate on this...

@neauoire what's the criteria for inclusion? like how to qualify as an artist or developer?
@neauoire asking because I'm a developer and would be interested to add my site if it's appropriate

@Yujiri If you're doing audio/visual/interactive works, artistic side-projects, etc.

@neauoire oh damn. I submitted mine and it was a png. I’ll have to change it to a gif in another pull.

@jameschip it's not pink but all pixelated between two colors, is that normal/intended?

@neauoire its not intentional but I liked it so kept it. It’s the dithering set a bit high.

@rek @neauoire That's gonna be a visual mess super fast, I'm half-tempted, half-afraid.

@neauoire @thomasorus @rek This all reminds me of the Hotline banners back in the days. Makes me wonder if that would be a better fit for this format.

@esi @thomasorus @rek yeah I'm familiar with those :) But I don't think they're very common for art sites, I prefer the 88x31 format that's all over already.

@neauoire I got inspired by this and just sent a pull request for adding my site to the ring.
I dusted off some very old neurons to remember how to make custom index palettes, but managed to get my button gif down to 305 bytes. Entirely unnecessary, but felt in keeping with the theme.

@tendigits it was so great to see a PR from you, I was looking forward to merging this one :)

Welcome to the webring :maru:

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