A little railway operatable by the residents of Nordstrandischmoor with their own custom train cars.

@neauoire Living on a boat and sailing is cool and all, but I think I'm going to live on a train and engineer instead.

Lüttmoorsiel-Nordstrandischmoor sounds like our Westcoast islands in north sea.
Germany have paradoxical coasts ;
In the north is Ostsee (east-sea) in west is Nordsee (northsea).
And next level are the Friesland Islands Ost (east) and West Friesland. Not totally agree to the compass.

@neauoire how do they do when they go in opposite direction on the same track? Is the track is one way only? My brain is melting...

@frankiezafe I bet they have some sort of schedule that dictates which direction goes when.

@neauoire Not too far from where I'm from. Peculiar folk, I can tell you.

@neauoire I love how they have little rails going to the islands in this region :)

@piggo @neauoire they aren't, tiny locomotives like this used to be deliver for tiny industrial (or agricultural) railways
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