Woah! Sigrid is porting SDL2 to Plan9, that means that it's insta making available Dotgrid, Nasu, Uxn, Left and Moogle(and probably Orca with tiny mods).

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@neauoire Doubt it will be instantly available, Plan 9 has a different libc which might(?) be a problem

@neauoire Sigrid already made a native Plan9 version using the orca-c code as a base :)

@neauoire Sorry I don't understand anything about all this? What is DSL and what is Sigrid doing?

@thomasorus SDL is a little graphical library to make cross platform apps, now all the apps we made as Hundred Rabbits work straight on Plan9 without doing any changes to them watsoever

@neauoire Ooooh ok. I did not know you used SDL for your apps. I've always wondered how you C apps were doing graphical work actually.

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