Improved zoomed mouse picking in Noodle, feels a lot better to move around and edit pixels now.

@neauoire wow, that's so cool!

How does the brush tool know to keep the pattern consistent as you paint different parts of a surface? I saw your brush stop, touch another section, and somehow the pattern tracked seamlessly instead of just slapping a new offset pattern where you started painting again.

@sean the patterns are basically modulo operations, so it uses the position of each pixel to find how to tile it

@neauoire @sean that's how I'm doing it too. planning to try some fun adjustments based on polygon positions once I get my fixed point 3D working.

@neauoire so beautiful and inspiring! thank you very much for sharing this journey! :tealheart:

@neauoire is there a wall of text about this somewhere? Like why it's stack v register, what the goal is besides fun hacking (if there is anything else), etc?

@Sophistifunk You can read about it here:

But it's pretty much a work in progress, lemme know if there's any question the docs page does not answer.

can you tell me more about the computer/software project in general? I like seeing your demos but I'm never quite sure what I'm looking at

aha, I had looked at the wiki before but must've missed this page

@venko But more generally, I designed a little virtual machine, and ported all my tools to that fantasy computer.

I recommend checking out this page that explains what VMs are better than I could:

@neauoire I hate how easy you make it look to go from a couple of crooked lines to a visually appealing picture. Drawing == dark magic and nobody can convince me otherwise.

@SkinnyFeels it's only 32 operations, it can't do much. It's aim is to becoming very very simple. I'll write some proper docs soon, still putting it all together.

@neauoire very exciting. I'll keep an eye on it.

Does it do musical noises in any way?

@SkinnyFeels not yet, but maybe in a week or so :) That's actually what I've been looking into yesterday and today.

@neauoire colour me interested. Anything that could make unusual noises is my thing. 👍🏼🤘🏻

@neauoire You are probably going to partner with Mvnt and make a Uxn deck of some kind. I can already see this in my mind

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