The average person lives about 75 years, of 52 weeks each, totaling 3,900 Saturdays which the average person has in their lifetime.

@neauoire What to do with all those marbles if you feel no desire to play with them?

@dualhammers I don't really have an answer to your question tho. It's a tough one, so.. here's something else.



"Is there anything on earth which would have meaning
and would even change the course of events not only on
earth, but in other worlds?” I asked my teacher.
“There is,” my teacher answered me.
“Well, what is it?” I asked.
“It’s...” began my teacher and suddenly fell silent.
I stood and waited intently for his answer. But he was

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And I stood and was silent.
And he was silent.
And I stood, silent.
And he was silent.
We’re both standing and silent.
We’re both standing and silent.
Yes, yes, we’re both standing and silent!
kharms, 1937

@neauoire I love it, thank you :)

I recognize the question is in a sense a question that only exists in the context of feeling like there "ought" to be an answer. Because something needs to change.

But nothing needs to change

@neauoire @dogstar when are the active times for irc? Whenever I log on it is a bunch of people who seem idle

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