@dogstar this answer from Andrei Tarkovsky made me instantly think of you for some reason.

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@neauoire terrific answer. What was the source of this interview please?

@neauoire Thank you! Puts me in the mood to watch some Tarkovsky - it has been a while.

Thanks for rethinking that other link too :)

@neauoire i relate to this immensely, except for maybe the "spiritually lower" part but i think i understand what he is implying there

@neauoire hey! i had been taking a break from media because my brain has been having a real rough time and i needed to cruise through finishing up a work project. it's the weekend so i am taking a little break and wanted to see if things were going on here

@neauoire <3 yup, i'm trying to! even off social media my brain is flooding with project ideas. really hope i get the time to chip away at some of them soon.

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