@neauoire ah, cheers. Not exactly what I'd call a db, but who cares :)

@Sophistifunk @neauoire a CQRS database architecture maps pretty directly to the way indental is used. a text editor is used to modify database tables (ndtl files), these are checked into a log, the log is used to generate reports and sometimes contains scripts/queries.

so yeah, a weird database format 🤪

@neauoire tbh I really like the original memex' design. All these weird new machines are very different. The original memex has its unique UI (desk, two screens, stylus, ...), haptics (micro film, ...) and is built with mostly analog components. I'd love to see that in its true™ form.

@sirjofri sounds awfully inefficient and cumbersome, zettel might have been an improvement on the paper computing style.

@neauoire at least analog peripherals would look great, imo

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