So, I think we've ironed out something pretty good for Uxn's soundchip.

@neauoire It's absolutely beautiful 😍 and I'm so pleased you love the latest synth I put together! 🎶

@neauoire is the idea to be able to just import and use this code everywhere or is it built into the VM?

not 100% where you're drawing the line these days as i've been away from the timeline a bit but sound chip makes it sound more tightly integrated than just an uxn code lib

@maxc the assembler makes a .rom file, that can be run on any uxn emulator.

@neauoire sure but i mean for the "soundchip" in particular - is it just a code lib too or is it part of the emulator? The language just confused me i think

@neauoire Wow!! Cette manière de mélanger les waves, j'ai jamais vu ça dans aucun autre synthé! :O

@narF le boute avec du noise c'est en fait le code du programme qui est interprete comme une amplitude :D

@neauoire This is cool. Also like the idea of having multiple waveforms in there to pick and choose.

@bd you can pick anything in memory, I can scroll to the program's code and basically play that.

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