Fabricating a new dodger for Pino, hopefully one that is more ocean storm-proof.

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Building a frame so I can knit a mat of wires to put the fiberglass over.

@neauoire Oh cool! I have a million Qs, like: what material are you using? How will it differ from dodger-v1 re: storm-proofing?


I will make a rope mat stretched over a wooden frame, and fiberglass over it, then paint it.

The first dodger was canvas on stainless pipes, the canvas deteriorated over time and stopped being waterproof. This is going to be more like a small plastic shell over the companionway


… and tomorrow evening, at the local arena, wrestling between mathematicians to decide which type of surface is that one 🤣

@neauoire whaaaaaaat. Never seen this technique but it makes sense. I am excited to see the results. Our yacht Quest is in need of a dodger too..

@kor I've never seen this technique either haha, I hope it works as well as I can picture this in my head XD

@kor Doesn't work, the fiberglass weighs down too much on the little ropes and it creates a sort of concave shape which would be too much work to shape into something nice.

@neauoire @kor Aw, that's a shame, I was looking forward to the outcome.

@neauoire awww no! I just spoke to Dominic and showed him, he said that would happen haha.

He reckoned you could make a frame out of split bamboo and cover that with gladwrap or similar. Bit more rigidity.

Another lazy option he had seen was people fiberglassing directly on their existing old dodger fabric and framing, then painting that hah.

@kor our old canvas is somewhere in the depths of the Pacific.

@neauoire oh, n'est-ce pas trop petit? De quelle surface est-ce?

@mrus It's about 1m by 1m, it's only to cover the hatch, something like this:

@neauoire could maybe invert it and build a mold, using this as the inside.

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