@neauoire are the drums sounds in the youtube demos you've posted recently (esp. gOZXvv3CBxM) sampled or synthesized, and either way how did you produce them? they have a lot of character for what i assume is 8-bit PCM

@syntacticsugarglider I'm not sure, they're from a big collection of samples from the amiga. I'm guessing they're a bit of both?

@neauoire ah alright, i was just wondering if you knew how they were synthesized (if so) because i'd want to implement it myself :)


@syntacticsugarglider no sorry, that's not something I'm familiar with at all :< But I'd love to learn at some point.

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@neauoire yeah my only knowledge of how to do drum synthesis is just by putting aggressive ADSR envelopes and some filtering on noise generators
which you can get a fair amount of mileage from, but there are other techniques out there and I'd love to familiarize myself with them more

@syntacticsugarglider yeah, that bit I've tried. But I've never been able to get good results out of that.

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